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Rent or Sell
your gown

How does it work?

Have you made Chasuna recently? Spent a lot of money, time and energy on your gown? Instead of putting it in your closet for the next few years, why not rent it out? 

This way others can now enjoy the gown instead of it getting locked in your cupboard unseen, while you earn some pocket money.



Register your gown here.


Drop off

Drop off your gown at our shop 266 Stamford Hill.


Receive payment

Receive payment for your gown once someone rents/buys it.


  • Can I rent/sell more than one gown? Yes, you can rent as many as you wish, however each gown will need to be registered separately. You can find the registration form here.

  • How much does it cost to register? It's free.

  • Which sizes gowns do you accept? We accept all adult and children sizes gowns.

  • Which style gowns do you accept? We accept many styles to cater to our clientele. If we think your gown won't be suitable for our clientele we will let you know.

  • What price do I rent it for? You can let us know how much you'd like to rent it for and we'll do our best to accommodate that. Ultimately our goal is to get you the best deal while renting it at a fair price.

  • Does Upside Gown store the gown in between each client who rents it? Yes.

  • Do I have to pay a cleaning fee for the gown? No. Between each client who rents the gown, you will not be responsible for cleaning the gown. However please ensure you bring the gown in clean.

  • If I want to sell my gown can I do that? Yes, just make sure to choose the sell option on the registration form.

  • How do I know if someone rents/buys my gown? We will notify you via email or phone.

  • Where do I drop off my gown? 266 Stamford Hill, n16 6tu (top floor). Your gown must be registered and accepted before being dropped off.

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